Friday, September 21, 2012

Thrift Store Table to Toy BBQ Grill!

A good friend's baby is celebrating his 2nd birthday tonight. This is the present I made for him.
I got the idea from a post I saw on Craftzine. The original post can be found here : Kate's Creative Space.

Anyway, I started with a small table I found at a second hand store. I used some random scraps of wood and a 5-gallon paint stir stick. After painting the table, including a HOT fire section, I used a small cookie cooling rack to create the grill section.

Then I created various pieces of food for shish-ka-bobs, made of polymer clay. My broccoli actually turned out more like brussel sprouts (yuck!). Wooden spoons from the dollar store were painted in a rainbow of colors. The spoons double as the shish-ka-bob skewers and the food can be stored on the spoons when finished playing.

I have more accessories, but I will have to add them to this set as he gets older, and they become more age appropriate.

I already had the paint and the clay, this project was put together for less than $30, and a few hours each night for about a week.

Hope he likes it! I'll find out tonight. Maybe I can get some action shots!