Thursday, March 10, 2016

A Brand New Blog

After almost a year of not making anything, I decided last Christmas to gift myself some small canvasses and a box of acrylic paint.
As 2016 rolled along, I found myself painting, at was proud of myself in the first week of January for completing my second piece.
Then came January 10, and with it the news that changed everything. David Bowie was dead. How could that be? I was just celebrating the man's birthday two days prior. Beyond my personal disbelief, came the global outpouring of grief. Followed by celebrations and tribute after tribute. I, myself painted my third piece, while wrestling with my feelings. My feelings, of inadequacy, of not fitting in, of never being good enough, of wanting to give up. And how many times and nights were spent with Bowie in my headphones telling me, "You're not alone!"

It was in the processing of those feelings, and seeing how friends were dealing with his passing, that this project was born.
#365Bowie. Making/creating something Bowie related every day. For a year. I've been scared of this idea, to tell the truth for quite some time (and I hope the fact that my phone just autocorrected "some" to "doomed" is not foreshadowing, yikes!)

I've been ignoring this blog, see residual feeling talk above; however now, I'm adding out in to the Instagram account.
I'm hoping to be able to delve further into my process, my inspirations, and also get feedback.
So over the next few days, I'll be updating the overall look; as well as adding pics, in groups, until I can catch up.

There's a starman waiting.